Ethos & Values

Our motto at Derby Moor is “Together we succeed”.  When our students, staff and wider community unite and work in collaboration we are stronger. Together we can challenge social injustices, create safe spaces and making a positive contribution to the world we share. Together We Succeed.

Our motto is underpinned by our four core values:

  • Achievement – We believe that everyone can achieve, regardless of background or personal circumstance.
  • Aspiration– We believe our students and staff can be the best in their chosen field. Our renowned employability curriculum gives our students the knowledge, skills-base and experiences they need to aim for greatness and to aspire to be the best they can be. For staff, our bespoke cpd offer ensures they have developmental opportunities and are supported to become expert practitioners.
  • High Expectations– We believe high expectations are the foundations of success and expect the highest standards from our community. This is in terms of their conduct, communication and commitment to their own development. We are preparing students for life and the world of work, as such, we will not settle for anything less than excellence.
  • Community– We believe that the community at Derby Moor is unique and is key in preparing our young people for life in modern Britain. Our community is diverse and we all embrace the rich variety of faiths, cultures and backgrounds that exist here, working together to ensure everyone feels valued, safe and fulfilled.