Fitness Suite

Featuring 26 top of the range work stations as well as spaces for unassisted floor based exercise, the fitness suite at Derby Moor is fresh, friendly and completely unintimidating.

Run by fitness professionals who are on hand to give advice and guidance, the fitness suite has no daunting membership contracts and is open to anyone over the age of 15.

  • Capacity – 26 work stations
  • Joining fee – £15 one off fee
  • Monthly fee – £15 per month


Please note that access to changing rooms is included within the monthly membership fee.

I’ve recently begun using the fitness suite at Derby Moor and am already really impressed!  I’ve used much larger gyms before but the fitness suite has all of the equipment I would normally use at a fraction of other gyms’ membership prices.  On top of that the atmosphere is great, which makes for a much more enjoyable workout and de-stress!