Governing Body

Governance is the process by which any organisation or group organises in order to be able to make decisions. In schools this includes the governing body, who are responsible for scrutiny of decisions made in school and for driving improvement, and the processes and policies which allow the school to work effectively and appropriately.

As a member school within a multi-academy trust, responsibility for the governance of Derby Moor ultimately lies with the Board of Trustees appointed to the Spencer Academies Trust. In common with all Spencer schools, Derby Moor has a Local Governing Body (LGB), which is technically defined as a committee of the Trust Board.

The powers defining the legal relationship between Derby Moor and The Spencer Academies Trust, together with the delegation of general powers within the trust, are set out in a document called the Scheme of Delegation.

  • The Scheme of Delegation used at Derby Moor can be found here.
  • The Trust governor handbook can be found here.
  • Copies of other Trust governance documents are available here.


The Local Governing Body at Derby Moor

Why do we have a Local Governing Body?

To help our school provide the best possible education for our students by:

  • thinking and working strategically to help raise standards
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards priorities and targets
  • supporting the Principal and staff as well as challenging their expectations
  • accounting to all stakeholders for the school’ s performance and for the decisions they make


The Composition of our Local Governing Body

The Directors may appoint up to nine persons to serve on the Local Governing Body, following consultation with the existing governors, ensuring that the people serving on the Local Governing Body between them have an appropriate range of skills and experience.

The Local Governing Body shall consist of up to 9 Governors as follows:

  • No less than one Staff Governor
  • No less than one Parent Governor
  • No less than one Community Governor
  • The Principal of the School
  • The Executive Principal
  • Up to 5 additional Governors – The Local Governing Body may appoint employees of the school to serve on the Local Governing Body provided that the total number of such persons (including the Principal) does not exceed one third of the total number of persons on the Local Governing Body.


The term of office for any person serving on the Local Governing Body is 4 years, except for the Principal. Subject to remaining eligible any governor may be re-appointed or re-elected.

Governors Category
Paula Baines-Chambers (Vice-Chair) Principal at Ashwood Spencer Academy
Julie Broad Sponsored Local Governing Body member
Scott Doyle Principal
Davinder Johal Elected by Parents
Sukhy Kandola (Vice-Chair) Sponsored Local Governing Body member
Paula Merchant Sponsored Local Governing Body member
 Fraser Mitchell Executive Principal: ex officio
Graham Pyman (Chair)  Chair – Sponsored Local Governing Body member
Victoria Spink Sponsored Local Governing Body member


Register of Interests

The Local Governing Body must ensure that governors are not involved in activities that might conflict with their role within the school. As such a register of interest must be made available on the school website.

This document is updated fully each year and reviewed throughout the year. It is the Governors responsibility to make the school aware of any changes during the year.

Please click on the document below to view the Register of Interests.


Special Responsibilities

Each Governor is linked to different areas within school.  Please find below a list of these responsibilities.


Link Governors 

  • Art, Design and Technology – Julie Broad
  • Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG): Victoria Spink
  • Health & Safety: Davinder Johal
  • Post 16: Paula Merchant and Sukhy Kandola
  • Safeguarding & LAC: Graham Pyman and Victoria Spink
  • Science: Davinder Johal
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) & LAC: Julie Broad and Paula Baines-Chambers


Committee Membership

The Quality & Standards Committee

 Areas covered:

  • Self-Evaluation Form (SEF)
  • School Academy Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Achievement
  • Curriculum
  • Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
  • Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


Governors on this Committee:

  • J Broad
  • S Doyle
  • S Kandola (Chair)
  • V Spink
  • P Baines-Chambers


Staff on this Committee:

  • C Bhundia
  • K Wiltshire


The Resources Committee

Areas covered:

  • Financial policy and planning
  • Financial monitoring
  • Premises
  • Staffing


Governors on this Committee:

  • S Doyle
  • P Merchant (Chair)
  • D Johal
  • G Pyman


Staff on this Committee:

  • A Cocker


Meeting Dates 2022/23

AGM Full Governors Meeting Quality and Standards Resources
26th September 2022 12th December 2022 14th November 2022 28th November 2022
27th March 2023 6th March 2023 13th March 2023
10th July 2023 15th May 2023 12th June 2023


Attendance at Meetings

Attendance at Governors meetings needs to be made available on the website.  Please see the latest attendance details below.



Contact for the Governing Body

If you wish to contact any member of the Governing Body please email: