Derby Moor Spencer Academy student prepares next entry to National TeenTech Competition

Tanvir Tamber, a 14-year-old student at Derby Moor Spencer Academy, is exploring a world of opportunity after her innovative ideas earned a national award.

Fourteen-year-old Tanvir Tamber has been hard at work with new collaborations and innovations after winning the National TeenTech Award in Education last summer.

Miss Tamber’s winning entry was a project called Phoenix Teach, which aims to use drone technology to provide educational resources to children in remote areas of the world. “The drone I designed was to be like a bird, as this would be more appealing as an educational device for the younger audience,” she explained. It would have claws in order to grip powerlines to charge and distribute stationery, as well as a screen to display videos and an Alexa-like speaker with which children could engage.

As part of the TeenTech structure, Miss Tamber was given the opportunity to work with various mentors within the relevant industry. She worked with an expert from BT, communicating via email and video calls. “This mentor is one of the best in his field and certainly helped in expanding the depth of my idea throughout the competition,” Miss Tamber said. “When speaking with him, it was extremely inspiring to understand the passion he had for his profession in drone making, with the stories of himself as a child creating paper aeroplanes—almost creating a full-circle moment.”

In addition to her BT mentor, Miss Tamber also met a professional from Amazon at the TeenTech awards ceremony, who was so impressed with her work that he offered her an internship with Amazon when she turns 16. The experience, Miss Tamber said, really boosted her confidence, and she is now working on her submission for the next TeenTech competition.

Miss Tamber’s previous project focused on education for personal reasons; she explained, “As a child who spent a lot of time in hospital, I was almost deprived of education– a feeling I did not want any other child to feel.” She went on to add, “I feel education is a waterfall of opportunities. It implements growth, happiness and future geniuses. If not for education, so much wonderful potential is lost.”

This year, Miss Tamber will be submitting a healthcare-related project. After distributing surveys and collating the responses, she developed the idea for the Data-Pad: a platform to consolidate a patient’s medical notes so as to be accessible to medical professionals across departments and institutions. She has been assigned a mentor from the US, who was so impressed with Miss Tamber that she wanted to offer her a job. “When the mentor found out that Tanvir was only 14, she could not believe it!” said Carol Ezis, a teacher at Derby Moor Spencer Academy who has been working closely with Miss Tamber on her innovations.

Miss Tamber is excited about her project and eager to make a difference by emphasising community voices. “In the future, I aspire to work within healthcare, which could in turn allow me to implement these ideas sparked from my and others’ experiences within the real world and continue to serve the community.”

She will be presenting her project at the TeenTech finals at the end of June.