Pathway 3

For all students who have received a letter 3, in order to prepare you for the next stage of your education we are asking you week commencing the 7 June to complete a Beyond GCSE programme of study at home which will help you develop essential skills for sixth form, college or the workplace. We would also like you to complete a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in week 2 which is linked to your chosen career pathway and engage with a series of tasks set using Hegarty maths.

Each activity will directly support you as you make the transition from school to college and ultimately then to the world of work.


Week 1

Click on the links below to work through each session.


WEEK 2 and Beyond

Below you will find the work for Week 2 and Beyond.   If you have been invited into the Sixth Form Induction week, then please follow the programme for Pathway 2.  Otherwise, please complete the work below.


Key Life Skills Courses



Below is a list of MOOCs and online courses that have been chosen based on the university and career pathways you have chosen to explore over the course of this year. There is something for everyone. Please choose AT LEAST ONE course to undertake in the next 4-6 weeks – most only require a few hours per week for 3-4 weeks, so are extremely accessible and will further your wider world experience in preparation for higher education/apprenticeships/work placements.