Student Voice

At Derby Moor Spencer Academy, we want students to be as involved as possible with the decisions made that affect them. Therefore, the student Leadership Team consists of Student Principals in Year 13, Student Council in Year 12, Student Prefects for Student Voice in Year 11 and Form Reps in each year group 7 – 13. We aim to make sure that every form group is represented, and these groups meet frequently to discuss current issues and decide on the direction they wish to go. Student Leadership and Student Voice are consulted by SLT on all major decisions to be made by the school.


From your Student Voice Prefects, Year 11:

“Hello Derby Moor, we are your Student Prefect Team, we run Student Voice for the school and we just wanted to introduce ourselves and what we do. We want to make changes to Derby Moor in order to improve our wonderful community. We aspire to bridge the gap between student and superior, to better your academic success and emotional well-being at Derby Moor. We are all extremely willing and wanting of your feedback; if you see us don’t be afraid to say hello and ask us if you have any queries. Equally we would like to your ideas that you may wish to see implemented in our school.  We are all available no matter your need and we will be happy to make changes alongside our community. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and help us make a difference!”

Below are some resources with top tips that we have made to help you through your time in lockdown and not being at school. There are a range of resources for all year groups so please take a look!