Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Team

The wellbeing team are a group of students from all year groups with a primary focus on student wellbeing.  The group is made up of 4 sixth form students who are the lead mental health ambassadors, and 8 students representing all other year groups who are wellbeing ambassadors.   Their passion and desire to do more to help our school community lead to this group being formed.  The group focus on issues around mental health and general wellbeing of students and we are working closely with other groups in the school to try and bring together our community.  The main roles are to update notice boards, produce a monthly newsletter, do assemblies, get involved with events around school and support students by raising awareness of common issues that students face.  Our aim is to normalise mental health and ensure that students know that there is always a place to go and a way out if they ever experience difficulties. 

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